Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English

English through drama, music and performance

Ƶ Stars line up

Our Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English Award is designed to encourage teaching and learning English language through drama, music and performance. 

Preparing for Ƶ Stars awards supports both learning in the classroom and teachers’ own professional development.

These awards show how performance-related activities support learning, motivate children and build their confidence and communication skills.

Four awards for children aged 3-12 years

Ƶ Stars is a group award for children aged anywhere between 3 and 12 years old who are starting to learn English through fun activities and games.

Details and guidance on how to prepare children for these awards are contained in the Ƶ Stars Guide for Teachers.

Resources and support

See our Ƶ Stars guidance and resource sections for information about the four awards and how they are assessed, together with links to recently updated teaching resources.

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Ƶ Stars in action

Watch short excerpts from Stage 1 and Stage 3 performances and an example of a teacher feedback session.

For more example videos visit our .

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To hold Ƶ Stars assessments, your school must be a Ƶ Registered Exam Centre.

Ƶ Registered Exam Centres gain access to teacher support, study materials and teacher development, including leading teacher qualifications.

Discover the benefits of becoming a Ƶ Registered Exam Centre and learn how to apply.

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“Children cross boundaries when
teachers use these techniques. They
stop being passive and they become
leaders in the learning process.”

Infant school teacher
Lombardia, Italy


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