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In addition to the free teaching resources on our website, you can purchase Ƶ-approved materials from Publishers.

The following materials have been approved as suitable preparation material for Ƶ exams. To find out more, please click on the links below to visit the publishers' websites.

Details of English language requirements and assessment criteria for Ƶ's qualifications are specified in teacher guidance documents on the Ƶ website for GESE and ISE exams, and Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English Award.

In addition to the resources below, a number of additional publishers also map their English language course texts to Ƶ exams.

Publications mapped to Ƶ exams

Please note that while Ƶ seeks reasonably to ensure that approved publications are accurate and suitable for Ƶ exams, Ƶ cannot accept any liability for their content.

Fumbleland Activity Books Level 1 and Level 2

For Italian young learners (based on The Fumbles TV series).  

  • Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English Award
  • GESE Grade 1

Publisher: De Agostini

  • GESE Grades 1-2
  • GESE Grades 3-4
  • GESE Grades 5-6
  • GESE Grades 7-9

Publisher: Oxford University Press

  • GESE Grades 1-2
  • GESE Grades 3-4 and ISE Foundation
  • GESE Grades 5-6 and ISE I
  • GESE Grades 7-8 and ISE II
  • GESE Grades 9-10

Publisher: CIDEB - Black Cat

With answer key and sample answers:

  • ISE I Reading & Writing
  • ISE II Reading & Writing

Publisher: Macmillan Education

  • ISE I - Reading & Writing (revised edition)
  • ISE II - Reading & Writing (revised edition)

Publisher: Global ELT

  • ISE Foundation
  • ISE I
  • ISE II

Publisher: Global ELT

  • Quick Smart English A2 (GESE Grades 3, 4 and ISE Foundation)
  • Quick Smart English B1 (GESE Grades 4, 5, 6 and ISE I)
  • Quick Smart English B2 (GESE Grades 7, 8, 9 and ISE II)
  • Quick Smart English C1 (GESE Grades 10, 11, 12 and ISE III - ISE IV)

Publisher: Brookmead ELT

  • GESE Grades 3-4 and ISE Foundation (CEFR levels A2.1 – A2.2)
  • GESE Grades 5-6 and ISE I (CEFR levels B1.1 – B1.2)

Publisher: ELI Publishing

Roly Poly Universe

School Learning series, for ages 3-6 years.

Stage 1 (8 books)

  • Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English Award Stage 1

Stage 2 (8 books)

  • Ƶ Stars: Young Performers in English Award Stage 2

Publisher: New Owen

  • ISE I (B1) Speaking & Listening (revised edition)
  • ISE II (B2) Speaking & Listening (revised edition)

Publisher: Global ELT

Student books (revised editions)

Publisher: Global ELT

  • GESE Grade 1
  • GESE Grade 2
  • GESE Grade 3
  • GESE Grade 4
  • GESE Grade 5
  • GESE Grade 6

Publisher: Garnet Education

A companion guide for trainee English language teachers preparing for the Ƶ CertTESOL qualification.

Publisher: Delta Publishing
Also available .

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